Barcamp Bangalore Spring 2016 is Here

Does this picture ring a bell?

Barcamp Bangalore 1

(picture courtesy Kiran Jonnalagadda on Flickr)

Let me jog your memory – that’s how the first edition of Barcamp Bangalore started. Since then, Barcamp Bangalore has weathered many a storm and till date the tradition continues. In fact, this year marks 10 years since the first edition of Barcamp Bangalore was first kicked off.

As the years passed on, we’ve done numerous changes – electronic scheduling, real-time display of tweets, Mobile Apps, Techlash – an exclusive hour long session dedicated to showcase Tech solutions to problems – these are just some of the things we’ve brought out – yet the flavour, the feel of a unconference that is signature of a Barcamp continues unabated.

We’re very happy to announce that the next edition of Barcamp Bangalore, Barcamp Bangalore Spring 2016 will be held on 30th April, 2016 and CMR Institute of Technology(CMRIT), ITPL Main Road, Whitefield will be our venue partner.


Need a reminder? Add the event to your Calendar.

How can I help? Can I volunteer for the event?

Sure! An event of this size, there are lot of things you can help us with.

You can….

  • Help us rebuild our mobile app from ground up
  • Spread the word about the event
  • Bring a friend on for the event and let them enjoy Barcamp
  • Bring a new twist to Barcamp
  • Prod a buddy to show their product demo
  • Help find us a sponsor 🙂

If you’d like to lend a hand in anything – drop by for the planner’s meet

Planner’s Meet

We meet every Sunday at 10am onwards at Near, Bangalore. Here’s the address:
No. 71/72, Jyoti Nivas College Road,
Koramangala, 5th Block

Engage with the Barcamp community

We have a diverse community ranging from people on our mailing listTwitter, and Facebook. We also have a Slack channel – if you haven’t yet joined, request an invite here and join in on the conversation.

Any questions/comments – leave a comment below or any of the communities mentioned above. We’re always around. If you’d like to drop an email – we’re available at [email protected]

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