Details about facilities & Infrastructure available at CMRIT for Spring 2015 event

Saifi, one of Barcamp regulars had a few questions about infrastructure available at CMRIT, our venue for the upcoming Spring 2015 event and we thought it’d be a good idea to cross post these questions on the blog as well.

What is the total number of halls/rooms where the sessions will be held ?

We will have 6 rooms for the regular sessions. An auditorium will be used for Intro, Techlash and feedback sessions. There’ll be open spaces for impromptu sessions so that anyone can gather a few people and start talking.
Do the speakers need to come in early for the selection process ?
While there is no session selection process, we have only 36 slots for sessions(excluding Techlash/impromptu sessions) and the speakers get to talk on a first-come, first-serve basis upon arrival at the venue. Refer to our previous post on how we schedule sessions.
Does each of the hall/room have a LCD projector ?

Yes, we are arranging for projectors in each room

Is it safe to assume that Whiteboard will be available ?
We will have couple of whiteboards available near the entrance(for some idea post-its etc), but not in each room. The rooms however are classrooms, and each will have blackboard with chalk/duster.
Is internet access available in the halls/rooms where the sessions would be held?
Yes, we are arranging for WiFi access in the area Barcamp sessions will be ongoing

Hope that answers some your questions as well. Feel free to drop a comment if you have any other questions. If you want to chat with us, join our Slack group.

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