Law of Two Feet

The Law of Two Feet states that

When in a session which you don’t like, make use of your “two feet” to go to another session which may be of interest to you

This has to be the most important rule of Barcamp. In fact, this is what I believe is the very essence of Barcamp which actually differentiates it from the regular conferences.

But the first question that hits you is that

The presenter will feel bad.

Trust me, no one is supposed to feel bad here. The idea for Barcamp is that you need to get into a conversation that is constructive. But if that does not interest you, you will be wasting everyone’s time by just sitting there. Your thought and interest may find better use in some other session. The reason why we have parallel tracks is that people should feel that there is something for them all the time. Even presenters should understand that its not because of them folks are not in their session but for the interest in that topic.

Well in case there is no session that interests you, please go ahead and have a impromptu session in the open spaces at the venue.

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