My journey of being a planner at Barcamp Bangalore

Saurabh, one of the earliest and longest running planners for Barcamp Bangalore, chimes in about why and how he started helping out at Barcamp

I learnt about Barcamp Bangalore sometime in June or July 2007. I was fascinated by the idea of sharing ideas, learning about technology and talking about them as well. I attended a large lot of talks on both the days that it was there. I don’t remember what all talks I attended, but they were not tied to any one technology at all. That was the best part of the entire event according to me.

Post event, I joined the Yahoo mailing list and after a few days there was this call for anyone interested in planning the next one. I was excited to be part of it. A naive idiot, just a couple of years out of college, I thought wow, this going to be something. Then at the planners meet there were a lot of folks. But I remember Arun Ram, Hari, Jace a.k.a. Kiran(I found out that day), Srinivas and Keshav . I felt awesome to be able to contribute something here. It was made very clear that everyone was equal and could they would be heard.

From my blog about that day (

Soon after we left for our ways with the idea that we would be doing something good to start an ecosystem in Bangalore, which can actually make Bangalore truly a Silicon Valley.

As you could imagine, I was filled with a lot of optimism with that. We all wanted to experiment and make things better for the ecosystem. This is something I have not forgotten and keep on pushing things for the better.

I have been part of Barcamp Bangalore ever since and it has taught me a lot of things. More importantly it has kept my passion of technology alive regardless of what technology I have been working on in my day job. I could say a lot more about things I have learnt at Barcamp Bangalore but that for the next post.

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