Meet The Team

Wheels of Barcamp Bangalore

You might like to know a little more about the folks who have been planning and working around the clock to make this happen!

Sathyajith Bhat

Twitter : @SathyaBhat | blog:

AWS Community Hero. SRE by trade, Author of Practical Docker with Python & co-author of The CDK Book/ Gamer & Occasional streamer. I also look after BCB’s servers and handle BCB’s social media accounts.

“Barcamp to me, is being able to strike up a conversation / discussion about anything at any point and come out of the discussion with some new ideas and techniques – that’s something which only twitter has offered as a medium.”

Saurabh Minni

Twitter : @the100rabh

A technologist trying to make a dent in the Universe. Long-time participant and planner for BCB—expanding the world of sharing and learning.
Developer who does programming. Already written essays in Assembly, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Pascal, PHP, and HTML.

Always interested in all new tech.

Varun Sabari

Visual Designer, an AD guy, online junkie, pakka mallu. smoked Wills..drank Old Monk, *ignores everyone* *now the DP reminds me, of the old me*.



Previous planners


“I enjoy making art, very much. I wanted to be a part of a collaborative event where all the different people meet. Looking forward to experience it in real time. I’m incredibly shy. But if you’re a swiftie, please hit me up.”



Aman Manglik

Twitter : @amanmanglik

Aman is a software developer. He devotes his free time to his love of photography. For Barcamp Bangalore, he takes care of the website design, brand design, and the scheduling system.



Amit Khare

Twitter : @daaku

Daakuism!! what else do you expect!!


ArunArun Vijayan

Twitter : @mixdev

Opinionated technologist who changes those opinions as new facts come in. A long term Barcamp attendee who is interested in keeping the Barcamp Bangalore brand fresh and independent.

Ashwin MuraliAshwin Murali

Twitter : @cruisemaniac

Dad, Husband, Geek.


Bibhas Debnath

Twitter: @bibhasdn
Wannabe-generalist with a love for travel, photography, culinary arts and technology.

“I find great happiness in connecting with people and ideas. So no wonder that I am interested in Barcamp Bangalore. I help with whatever I can.”


Dhruva KrishnanDhruva Krishnan

Twitter : @dkris

Working towards Awesomeness!



Twitter: @eswar_001
Mobile enthusiast, geek and a polyglot programmer.


Fagun Bhavsar

Twitter : @FagunB

Fagun Bhavsar, a QA professional, attended the first ever Barcamp in Bangalore in 2005. Since then, have been regular at it. I take care of QA stuff and make sure everything gets chaotic before it gets calm.

Picture1Ninad Pundalik

Twitter : @ni_nad

Yet another geek who keeps servers ticking throughout the world.

“Barcamp has always been the perfect real life example of a melting pot, where different ideas and people come together to make something greater than the sum. Which is why I always keep coming back to attend and help!”

Nishant AgrawalNishant Agrawal

Twitter : @nish_crafts

Founder @thencrafts and @formcrafts.

Figuring out stuff.


Twitter: @pslashb

My parents warned me about the drugs in the street but never of the ones in books and on the internet. Studying Economics, Business Studies and Web Development at New York University. Fascinated by financial markets, technology, science and people. Like listening to Progressive House, watching Seinfeld, eating food and learning new things.

Rahul AroraRahul Arora

Twitter : @AuroraRahul


Zen Master @bizodyssey, helping various startups shape their ideas in to products and sail through user experience and product marketing challenges. Beyond work, I am a sprint level triathlete who loves to spend time reading biographies and discuss world politics at length.

Sohom Bhattacharjee.

Jack of all trades who likes computers. Apart from computers, I also like hiking, and anything on two-wheels. 🙂

Shree Kumar

Twitter : @shreekumar3d

A software engineer with deep interest in systems, electronics and all things 3D. Cross country cycle rider, looking to graduate to walking!



Vivek's pic Vivek K

Twitter: @ivivekkm

#Bitcoin #Blockchain #Healthcare! Inspired by Barcamp Idea! And here to contribute.



The first Barcamp Bangalore planners:

barcamp bangalore organizers



Please let us know if we’ve missed you!

If you’re interested in helping or volunteering Just drop us a tweet @BarcampBng or email us

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