Campers’ thoughts and memories about a decade of Barcamp Bangalore

With the Spring 2016 edition of Barcamp Bangalore, us Barcamp Planners have been succesfully organizing Barcamps for a decade now. The planning team has changed, some of the original campers still do visit us, some have moved to make something new. We reached out to few campers to collect their thoughts about Barcamp and what Barcamp meant to them and […]

My journey of being a planner at Barcamp Bangalore

Saurabh, one of the earliest and longest running planners for Barcamp Bangalore, chimes in about why and how he started helping out at Barcamp I learnt about Barcamp Bangalore sometime in June or July 2007. I was fascinated by the idea of sharing ideas, learning about technology and talking about them as well. I attended […]