Announcing Barcamp Bangalore Spring 2018

We’ve been silent the past few months and quite a few have been asking us.. “when is the next Barcamp?!”. Wonder no more! Happy to announce the next edition of Barcamp, Barcamp Bangalore Spring 2018 will be held at Dayanand Sagar University, Kudlu Gate on February 10th, 2018!

We would like to extend our thanks to Dr Sanjay Chitnis for facilitating this and making this happen.

Other Announcements

New Domain

Sometime during last year, due to some unfortunate circumstances, we lost control of our original domain, Barcamp Bangalore <dot> org and is controlled by a spammer. Attempts to buy back from the spammer were in vain and we decided to move to our new domain – Over the past few weeks, we’ve managed to regain the position we lost in search engines for “Barcamp Bangalore”. We would request you to update your bookmarks/links to the new domain and help us spread the word about the change in domain by sharing this in your social platforms/blogs/emails.

Moving away from Yahoo Mailing List

We’ve been using Yahoo Groups as a mailing list since time immemorial, but today’s communities have moved on to more modern solutions like Meetup. Hearing the feedback from our community we have decided to move on to Meetup platform and deprecate the Yahoo Group. We will be closing the Yahoo group and going forward, all news/updates will be posted on the Meetup Group.

However, because of the different nature of the platforms and considering the privacy and choice of our users we will not be migrating any users to Meetup. We urge you to join the  Barcamp Bangalore Meetup Group to receive future Barcamp Bangalore Updates. Similar to the Yahoo Group we promise to keep the Meetup group spam free.

Planning Meets

We’ve always been open for people to help us with the planning and this tradition continues. Planners meet every Sunday at 11am, Cafe Coffee Day, Jayanagar 4th T block and we would be more than happy to have you join us to help us plan for the next Barcamp.


To give you an idea about what it takes to plan a Barcamp, here’s some things we planners look into:

  • Sponsorship
  • Goodies
  • Logistics
  • Design (Posters, Stickers, Social media images, etc)
  • Website and Mobile App refresh
  • Some unconventional ideas to keep things afresh


Barcamp Bangalore has always been a 100% free, volunteer driven event.Sponsors are what make this unconference possible. We rely on sponsorship for making Barcamp happen – from venue to video recording to providing snacks/lunch to goodies like t-shirts. All of these make Barcamp a fun experience of all our attendees. Sponsorship allows attendees to know more about the interesting players in various industries who want to connect to communities and it allows sponsors to promote their brand and get to know the interesting Barcamp community which includes many early adopters and influencers.

We are looking for sponsors for the next edition of Barcamp Bangalore. If you/your company is interested in sponsoring Barcamp,  please get in touch with us. You can find more information about sponsorship tiers and details in our Sponsorship Brochure.

Reaching Us

If you’re interested in reaching out for any reason, feel free to contact us. We’re available on Email, Slack, Meetup, Twitter, Facebook – reach us anywhere and we’ll get back to you!

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