Announcing HooChat as a Silver Sponsor for Barcamp Bangalore 2022

We’re happy to announce HooChat as a Silver Sponsor for the next Barcamp Bangalore happening on Nov 5, 2022, at RV University, Mysore Road, Bangalore.


HooChat is a messaging app that lets you speak your mind and feelings by giving you a voice anonymously in a close group of friends. All the messages being exchanged are not stored in the server & are stored in your device itself, having your privacy as a priority. Never feel like an outsider again.

HooChat is available on both Android and iOS. Find more about HooChat on their website and connect with them in the links below:

The Barcamp Bangalore planners would like to thank HooChat for sponsoring and making Barcamp Bangalore possible.

About Barcamp

Barcamp is a free unconference. There’s no speaker list or fixed schedule until the actual event. All content comes from the attendees. Anyone can host a session, take part in discussions, demo a project, talk about code, discuss at lengths about program design.

Not into tech? No problem. BarCamp’s not just about tech. Share your life experiences. Teach us your life hacks, tell us about your great outdoor experiment. Sky’s the limit and this is the perfect place to share your passion. Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join. here are no registration fees or any other charges for a BarCamp. Your active participation is the fuel and driving force for BarCamp.

To learn more about why sponsors make Barcamp possible, or to be a sponsor, please read our previous post on sponsorship.

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