Call for Sponsors for Barcamp Bangalore Spring 2015

With the planning for the next Barcamp, to be held on April 18th, 2015 going on full swing, let’s focus on sponsorship.

Barcamp Bangalore has always been a free, community powered event and this time is no exception either. So what does Barcamp need sponsors for?

Sponsors cover our operational costs – which include things like

  • Venue  – what’s an event without a place for people to come together to?
  • Food – all those talks make people hungry
  • Infrastructure within venue
    • Projectors – so we can put up the schedules, tweets and for presenters
    • Video recording – so the sessions can be captured
    • Promotional material like banners/standees
    • Server infrastructure costs

This is a sample of the costs incurred. The detailed sponsorship document is available for download here. Please email us at contact <at> barcampbangalore <dot> org if you are interested in sponsoring or want to connect someone who might be interested in sponsoring.

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